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kind of does what it says on the tin really, the tide sweeps in twice a day and at its uttermost it gives up some of its cargo and, if I'm lucky I'll find something interesting, and there's always plastic to be found.
Silver, driftwood, assorted flotsam & jetsam
The last two ice-ages have ebbed and  flowed over the landscape with a much slower tidal rhythm shaping the coastline I now live on and on retreating the melting ice deposits random erratics over the landscape cliffs and beaches.
Silver, larvikite, beach pebbles, precious & semi-precious stones.
Since beach combing has be come a passion of mine, walking along the fast eroding low lying cliffs south of Bridlington or under the 300 foot cliffs to the north it has, over time, changed my sense of scale ideas are bigger. 
silver, driftwood, flotsam & jetsam of all kinds and stone.